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Crown Cut 11-Spoke Rotor

Crown Cut 11-Spoke Rotor

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Front or Rear

Lyndall Rotors

Our full-floating, high-carbon steel rotors are CNC machined to exacting tolerances right here in the USA. Lyndall rotors are meticulously designed and thoroughly tested to ensure maximum performance in the most extreme environments and conditions known to powersports. We are so confident in our choice of design, materials and method of manufacturing that we guarantee our rotors for the life of your bike (when used exclusively with our premium quality organic brake pads.)

Our lug-drive rotors feature a highly advanced three-piece design, consisting of three components. 

  1. Outer friction ring (wear surface) 
  2. Inner carrier center (aesthetic portion)
  3. Helical retaining ring that securely fastens the friction ring to the carrier center in a way that prevents our floating rotor from becoming loose or noisy after the course of its service life. 

Lyndall rotors are available in the following sizes to fit all Harley-Davidson models, and will work as a bolt-on replacement:

  • 11.5" x 5mm
  • 11.8" x 5mm
  • 11.8" x 7mm (touring and V-Rod rear) 
  • 11.5" x 6mm (M8 Softail rear) 
  • 13" x 5mm 

Our rotors have a 5 x 3.25" bolt pattern, excluding Enforcer, Dyna (Low and S) / V-Rod, and V-Rod rear.

Note: If you are purchasing a gold or black Lyndall rotor, we recommend you use Lyndall Z plus brake pads to protect the gold finish.  

For rotors for pre 2000 Harley-Davidson models, call us at 800-400-9490. (Pre 2000 Harley-Davidson rotors require an adapter ring in the center hole of the rotor to make the center hole diameter 1.985". This will accommodate for the 3/4" axle and Timken bearing.)


Lyndall Bow-Tie cut rotors are our newest design. These are similar to the Crown Cut design, but with significantly less weight and better outgassing. Our Bow-Tie cut friction rings are also designed to provide better stopping power. By reducing the surface area where the brake pads make contact with the friction ring, clamping power per square inch is increased. 



11.5 FRONT (5mm)
1984-1999 Touring, Sportster, FXR, Dyna, Softail
2000-2005 Touring, Sportster, FXR, Dyna, Softail
2006-2007 Touring
2002-2014 Sportster
2006-2014 Softail

11.5 REAR (5mm)
1984-1999 Touring, Sportster, FXR, Dyna, Softail
2000-2005 Touring, Sportster, FXR, Dyna, Softail
2006-2007 Touring
2002-2013 Sportster
2006-2017 Dyna
2006-2017 Softail

11.5 REAR (6mm)
2018+ Softail 
Radial mount rear calipers 

11.8 FRONT (5mm)
2006-2017 Dyna (Low Rider S and Switchblade front wheels use 11.8 with 'Dyna-Vrod' rotor. See rotor bolt pattern)
2015-present Softail
2014-present Sportster
2008-present Touring (Some 2014-present Touring use 11.8 with 'Enforcer' rotor. See rotor bolt pattern)

11.8 REAR (7mm)
2008-present Touring

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