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2014-2023 Touring Front and Rear brake upgrade

2014-2023 Touring Front and Rear brake upgrade


3 pair of 7254 Brake Pads (Compound)
2 Enforcer Front One Piece Rotor (Finish)
Rear Gemini Rotor (Finish)

**does not fit some Limited touring models and some CVO touring models (see front rotor bolt pattern)**

This kit comes with stock replacement rotors and brake pads. Two one-piece rotors, one rear bow-tie cut rotors with Lyndall Brakes Gemini carrier design to match your wheels. Choose your rotor and bolt finishes. Don't forget to add brake fluid and Lyndall brakes low profile titanium bolts to finish out your kit!

Kit comes with:

2x Front 11.8" 5mm rotor

1x Rear 11.8" 7mm rotor

3x 7254 (pick your brake compound) 


2x Front Lyndall low profile titanium bolts for Enforcer rotors

1x Rear Lyndall low profile titanium bolts

1x Bottle of Motul brake fluid

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