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9-Spoke Lug-Drive Sprocket

9-Spoke Lug-Drive Sprocket



Introducing our new and improved Lug-Drive sprockets, utilizing the same patented lug-drive floating mechanism that is featured on Lyndall rotors. 

Lyndall Lug-Drive sprockets are made so that you can easily swap your drive ring without unfastening your carrier from your wheel. Whether you are changing your gearing ratio or servicing your sprocket, our Lug-Drive mechanism makes it easy and quick so you don't have to reapply threadlock or safety wire. 


Lyndall Lug-Drive sprockets are made of three components: 

1. Outer Drive Ring - Made of 7075 T6 aluminum, these drive rings have a long lifetime and are extremely lightweight. Our drive rings are available in 48-54 tooth and are easily interchangeable on our Lug-Drive sprocket carriers. (Available in machine finish or black anodize.)

2. Inner Carrier - Our sprocket carriers are available in 9-spoke, 13-spoke, and B-52 (5-spoke) to match your Harley wheels. (Available in black anodize or chrome plating.)

3. Helical Retaining Ring - Our stainless steel retaining ring securely fastens the drive ring to the carrier center in a way that prevents your three-piece sprocket from becoming loose or noisy during the course of its service life. 


Lyndall Sprockets are American-made with 7075 T6 aluminum.

7075 T6 aluminum is often referred to as the strongest aluminum grade and is commonly used in the aerospace industry. It has the strength of many steels, while retaining aluminum's lightweight qualities.

Lyndall Sprockets are zero offset with a 5x3.25" bolt pattern to fit all Harley wheels. The center ID on our sprockets is 2.215" to fit 2000+ Harley wheels (for pre 2000 wheels with 1.9" hub register, you will need a Lyndall adapter ring on your sprocket.

Lyndall spacers are available in various sizes, along with 7/16 ARP hardware in various lengths. See our 'Hardware' section. 

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