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5 Bolt Kit for Enforcer/Prodigy Rotors (Front only)

5 Bolt Kit for Enforcer/Prodigy Rotors (Front only)


Bolt Finish
Hat Finish

Lyndall hardware kits for Enforcer and Prodigy front wheels are made to fit any 2014+ touring model with Enforcer or Prodigy wheels. These hardware kits also fit BST front wheels, or any front wheel that requires the Enforcer style front rotors.

Made with titanium fasteners, aluminum hats, and stainless steel wave washers, these kits are less than half the weight of an OE hardware kit, with all five bolts, hats, and washers weighing 2.0 oz.

Enforcer and Prodigy rear wheels require our 3/8 -16 X 1 hardware kits. (see "5 Bolt Kit for Hub-Mounted Rotors")

Hardware kits are available in gold, black, or machine finish.

 Size: 125 x 25

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