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Enforcer Rotor

Enforcer Rotor


Friction Ring
Rotor Fitment Guide

11.5” x 5mm Front
1984-1999* All Harley-Davidson
2000-2013 Sportster
2000-2005 Dyna
2000-2007 Touring
2000-2014 Softail

11.5” x 5mm Rear
1984-1999* All Harley-Davidson
2000-2013 Sportster
2014-2021*** Sportster
2000-2017 Dyna
2000-2007 Touring
2000-2017 Softail

11.5” x 6mm Rear
2018-present Softail

11.8” x 5mm Front
2006-2017 Dyna (FXDL and FXDLS use Switchblade style bolt pattern)
2015-present Softail
2008-present** Touring (Enforcer and Prodigy wheels use Enforcer style bolt pattern)
2014-2021 Sportster

11.8” x 7mm Rear
2008-present** Touring
All Years V-Rod

Some rotors require Lyndall Profiled Brake Pads. (most 2000-2007 front and rear & most Dyna and Softail rear 2007-2017)

*Pre 2000 HD models with original wheels with Timkin bearings, need our adapter ring to narrow the inner diameter of the rotor to 1.985”. REQUIRES LYNDALL PROFILED BRAKE PADS

**Some stock Brembo calipers require modification to prevent clearance issues between the caliper body and rotor carriers. Contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

***2014 to 2021 Sportsters require a conversion bracket to use the 11.5" x 5mm rotor.

Lyndall Rotors

Our full-floating rotors are CNC machined to exact tolerances right here in the USA. Lyndall rotors are meticulously designed and tested to ensure maximum performance in the most extreme environments and conditions known to powersports. We are so confident in our choice of design, materials, and method of manufacturing that we guarantee our rotors will not warp (when used exclusively with our organic brake pads).

Our lug-drive rotors feature a highly advanced three-piece design:

  1. Outer friction ring (wear surface)
  2. Inner carrier center (aesthetic portion)
  3. Helical retaining ring that securely fastens the friction ring to the carrier center

    Our rotors have a 5 x 3.25" bolt pattern, excluding Enforcer, Switchblade, Limited, Pan America, and V-Rod rear.

    About Friction Ring Finishes

    Enhance Aesthetics

    Experience unparalleled bike customization with Lyndall rotors' black and gold finishes. While the allure of these finishes is undeniable, it's important to note that the finishes do not improve brake performance and over time the surface finish can wear, depending on which brake pads you are using. Gas slots and edges of the rotor that do not make contact with the brake pads will always maintain their color.

    Preserve Lyndall Rotors with Z+ Brake Compound

    To maintain the appearance of your black or gold rotors, we advise utilizing our Z+ brake compound. This compound is composed of aramid fibers and soft, non-ferrous metals, meaning it is extremely rotor friendly and will help the rotor maintain its color. While this compound is incredibly clean and quiet, it is not a performance compound and is recommended for commuting or everyday street riding. Have a show bike and want to preserve the finish on your rotor? Our Z Plus pads are right for you. For canyon carving or aggressive riding, see our Gold Plus or Xtreme brake pads. Watch the video below for more details.

    Optimal Performance with Gold+ Brake Compound

    For riders who prioritize both performance and aesthetics, our Gold+ brake compound is the ideal choice. Designed to prioritize braking effectiveness, this compound removes the finish from areas that engage the brake pads, while still delivering exceptional friction rating. This pad leaves a nice contrast look of machine finish and the original gold or black color in the gas slots. Riders who use our Gold Plus brake pads can expect better stopping power than stock, with less dust, less noise, and a longer service life.



    About Our Friction Rings

    Lyndall Bow-tie rotors stand out among their counterparts for being remarkably lightweight and having superior outgassing capabilities, boasting half the weight of stock rotors. These qualities translate to enhanced rider control through decreased rotating mass, while the gas slots and windows efficiently prevent brake pad glazing. Moreover, our Bow-tie cut friction rings are engineered to minimize the contact surface between the brake pads and the rotor, thereby increasing clamping force per square inch. This intensification in friction empowers riders with a distinctly perceptible brake bite, solidifying an altogether more responsive braking experience.


    The reduced weight of Lyndall Crown cut rotors enhances rider control by minimizing rotating mass, while the incorporated gas slots effectively outgas debris and gasses generated during friction, preserving the rotor's integrity against brake pad wear and aiding in cooling.


    Lyndall Smooth cut rotors boast a timeless aesthetic that seamlessly integrates with any bike design. Renowned for their exceptional heat sink abilities, these rotors ensure braking system stability even under the most demanding braking scenarios. This friction ring design is particularly favored by racers who push the braking limits to the extreme.

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