8181 Harley Davidson Brake (Front)

8181 Harley Davidson Brake (Front)

  • $54.00

About Lyndall Brake Compounds (Fitments Below)


Get an immediate brake performance improvement over stock pads with our Z+ soft brake pad. This is a great pad for putting on a stock Harley. Utilizing a specially formulated Dupont Carbon-Kevlar compound, this tried and true brake pad will deliver 10% more stopping power than stock pads. Zero dust or noise. 30% cooler and 50% lighter than sintered pads.


Our next step up in performance is the Gold+. This is a harder pad than the Z+ with 20% more stopping power than a sintered pad and is half the weight. Zero dust or noise. Runs cooler, with little to no noise or dust.


Introducing the Xtreme series, 30% more stopping power than our Gold+ series. Made in America with the latest friction material from Dupont. Moderate dust. Delivers 18,000 miles of Xtreme performance. The Xtreme series from Lyndall is the most advanced brake that we’ve ever produced. The Lyndall Xtreme series boasts the highest friction rating yet: HH. This means these brakes will give you a .6 coefficient from ambient to first fade and a .6 coefficient from first recovery to second fade.



2015 Harley-Davidson Breakout (EFI) FXSB
2016 Harley-Davidson Breakout (EFI) FXSB
2017 Harley-Davidson Breakout (EFI) FXSB

2018 Harley-Davidson Breakout 114 FXBRS
2019 Harley-Davidson Breakout 114 FXBRS

2018 Harley-Davidson Breakout FXBR
2019 Harley-Davidson Breakout FXBR

2016 Harley-Davidson CVO Pro Street Breakout (FXSE)

2015 Harley-Davidson Deluxe (EFI) - FLSTN
2016 Harley-Davidson Deluxe (EFI) - FLSTN
2017 Harley-Davidson Deluxe (EFI) - FLSTN

2018 Harley-Davidson Deluxe FLOE
2019 Harley-Davidson Deluxe FLOE

2018 Harley-Davidson Fat Bob 114 FXFBS
2019 Harley-Davidson Fat Bob 114 FXFBS

2018 Harley-Davidson Fat Bob FXFB
2019 Harley-Davidson Fat Bob FXFB

2015 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy (EFI) - FLSTF
2016 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy (EFI) - FLSTF
2017 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy (EFI) - FLSTF

2018 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy 114 FLFBS
2019 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy 114 FLFBS

2018 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy FLFB
2019 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy FLFB

2015 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy Lo - FLSTFB
2016 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy Lo - FLSTFB

2016 Harley-Davidson Fatboy S - FLSTFBS
2017 Harley-Davidson Fatboy S - FLSTFBS

2015 Harley-Davidson FLS Slim
2016 Harley-Davidson FLS Slim
2017 Harley-Davidson FLS Slim

2019 Harley-Davidson FXDR 114 FXDRS

2015 Harley-Davidson Heritage Classic (EFI) - FLSTC
2016 Harley-Davidson Heritage Classic (EFI) - FLSTC
2017 Harley-Davidson Heritage Classic (EFI) - FLSTC

2018 Harley-Davidson Heritage Classic 114 FLHCS
2019 Harley-Davidson Heritage Classic 114 FLHCS

2018 Harley-Davidson Heritage Classic FLHC
2019 Harley-Davidson Heritage Classic FLHC

2018 Harley-Davidson Low Rider FXLR
2019 Harley-Davidson Low Rider FXLR

2018 Harley-Davidson Sottail Slim FLSL
2019 Harley-Davidson Softail Slim FLSL

2016 Harley-Davidson Softail Slim S - FLSS
2017 Harley-Davidson Softail Slim S - FLSS

2018 Harley-Davidson Sport Glide FLSB
2019 Harley-Davidson Sport Glide FLSB

2018 Harley-Davidson Street Bob FXBB
2019 Harley-Davidson Street Bob FXBB