7196 Harley Davidson Brake

7196 Harley Davidson Brake



Note: When using Lyndall 7058, 7059, 7195, or 7257 pads with Lyndall Rotors, pads must be profiled!


All Lyndall brake pads are organic, non-sintered compounds. Our brake pads are available in three different compounds that cater to different riding styles and environments. All three compounds are guaranteed for 18,000 miles. 



This is a great pad for putting on a stock Harley. Utilizing a specially formulated aramid compound, this tried and true brake pad will deliver 5% more stopping power than stock pads with  Zero dust or noise. 30% cooler and 50% lighter than sintered pads. Note: If you want to protect the black finish on your Lyndall rotor, you must use our Z plus brake pads. (These also work great with polished rotors) 

Click here for the Z plus pads video



Our next step up in performance is the Gold+. This is a harder pad than the Z+ with 20% more stopping power than a stock pad and is half the weight. Runs cooler, with little to no noise or dust. Our Gold Plus compound has the highest customer satisfaction and will provide a noticeable increase in stopping power. This compound works great with stock rotors. 

Click here for the Gold plus pads video



Introducing the Xtreme series, 30% more stopping power than stock sintered pads. Made in America with the latest aramid friction material. Moderate dust. The Xtreme series from Lyndall is the most advanced brake that we’ve ever produced. The Lyndall Xtreme series boasts the highest friction rating yet: HH. This means these brakes will give you a .6 coefficient from ambient to first fade and a .6 coefficient from first recovery to second fade. This compound is very aggressive. 

Click here for the Xtreme pads video



If you are using part number 7058, 7059, 7195, or 7257 with Lyndall rotors, you must get profiled pads. Lyndall Brake's rotors are narrow bandwidth and require lower profile pads that are custom cut to protect from damaging the rotor and pads. All other pads fit our rotors without modification. If you don't have Lyndall Brake's rotors then you do not want to use profiled pads. 


2007 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy (EFI) - FLSTF

2007 Harley-Davidson Softail Custom (EFI) - FXSTC

2006 Harley-Davidson Softail Night Train - FXSTB

2007 Harley-Davidson Softail Night Train (EFI) - FXSTB

2006 Harley-Davidson Softail Night Train Injected - FXSTB I

2006 Harley-Davidson Softail Springer - FXSTS

2006 Harley-Davidson Softail Springer Injected - FXSTS I

2006 Harley-Davidson Softail Standard - FXST

2007 Harley-Davidson Softail Standard (EFI) - FXST

2006 Harley-Davidson Softail Standard Injected - FXST I

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