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M8 Softail Rear Brake Performance Kit

M8 Softail Rear Brake Performance Kit


Choose your friction ring design
Choose your rotor finish
Choose your finish for the TTI Rear Radial Bracket

Its no secret the M8 Softail stock rear brakes are lacking in stopping power. This kit has everything you need to fix that squishy rear brake.

This kit comes with a Brembo cast monobloc 108mm radial mount caliper and the TTI rear radial mount bracket to go with it. 

Choose which rotor friction ring and finish matches your bike and style. 

Choose which brake pads best match your riding style. 

Add the TTI brake linkage for a more responsive feel at the lever.

Add the Lyndall Brakes titanium hardware

Add Motul brake fluid to keep you system fresh 

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